Summer activities

Le Petit Prés is the starting point for many walks and bike rides. Whether on our wine trails, in the mountains, through the larch forests, along the bisses or along one of our many dams, this magnificent region is just waiting to be discovered. Would you like a refreshing drink? Discover our lakes, open-air swimming pools, thermal baths and even a surfing pool nearby. Adventure park, golf, Real Fly, laser game and via ferratas are just a few more examples of what the surroundings of Le Petit Pré have to offer.

Lake of Granges

Site des Îles, Sion

Golf of Sion, Sierre and Crans-Montan

Hiking or cycling

Realfly, Sion

Alaïa Bay, Sion

Festival Sion sous les étoiles

Via ferrata Nax