Le Petit Pré is the starting point for many tourist destinations. Discover our region such as the capital, Sion, the wonderful and enchanting underground lake of St-Léonard or visit our most beautiful villages nestled in the side valleys of our canton. We are happy to offer you here a small selection of things to see and do in the surrounding area.

Underground lake of St-Leonard

Discovered in 1943 and in operation since 1949, discover one of the most fascinating places underground. A privileged witness to the formation of the Alps, this navigable underground lake nestles in the hillside between 30 and 70 metres below the vineyards. With a length of 300 metres, it is the largest natural and navigable underground lake in Europe.

Sion, the capital

Dominated by its two emblematic castles, Valère and Tourbillon, Sion asserts itself as the Swiss capital of the Alps. The town is distinguished by its dynamism, its friendliness, its sunny climate and its rich historical and archaeological heritage. All these assets make it a quality destination for walks and tourism. Situated only 5 km from Le Petit Pré, you will be there in 5 minutes, whether by road or by train, which serves St-Léonard and the capital. Want to try the adventure on foot? Then you can get there by taking the famous bisse du Clavau. This bucolic itinerary will make you discover a magnificent region and will take you to the heart of a vineyard that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. To be discovered!

The most beautiful villages in Switzerland

Switzerland's most beautiful villagesNestling at the bottom of the canton's side valleys, Valais villages steeped in tradition have retained their old-fashioned charm. The old, sun-kissed buildings stand proudly alongside the unspoilt geranium chalets and granaries, which are exceptional witnesses to the past. Immerse yourself in the heart of these Valaisan villages, which have been classified as "The most beautiful villages in Switzerland" by the association "Les plus beaux villages de Suisse", and experience their living traditions and authenticity.


In Valais, wine is to the Valais what the stars are in the sky: an infinite galaxy of aromas born of the passion of mankind. With its 5,000 hectares of vineyards, the Valais is the largest wine-growing region in Switzerland. On slopes generously bathed in sunshine, almost 60 grape varieties with a strong identity and character are cultivated in a grandiose environment, most of which are the source of great wines. Thousands of hours of sunshine also allow Valais to offer a wide range of specialities - fine aromas, intensely flavoured fruit, rare spices and golden cereals - which inspire chefs throughout the country.